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Welcome to webprev
Webprev.com is a free online service that offers to get website previewed images instantly. Users are able to capturing screenshots of websites and webmasters can also add webpage thumbnails to their own sites to help their visitors to preview links.
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Enter the website Url and press 'Capture Now !' button to get a preview snapshot of the website.
Redirected URLs are not supported. Please enter only the final URL.
Add thumbnails on your website - Totally free Service !
webprev.com offers a free service for webmasters to get the finest webpage screenshots on their own websites.

No payment ! No fee ! No registration ! Just copy, paste and go !

Just add the code below in your HTML where do you want to show the previewed image. All we ask to is a link to on your homepage or pages where the images are displayed.
Change 'url=http://www.domain.com' to the url you wanted. Please don't forget to start with 'http://' in the url.

You can also change 'imagesize=200x150' to 'imagesize=150x120' if you want a smaller picture.

We don't accept websites with adult and illegal content.
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